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Hi There

I'm Olyvia,

Partners in relationships with an Undiagnosed Mentally ill Person (UMP) need support and there is precious little out there.  Until now.

When friend, family and coworkers do not understand what you are going through, cannot relate to your experience or do not believe your story, please come here and share it with us. 

The internet is loaded with readily available information in order to help you with make armchair "diagnosis" of your UMP.  This may give you comfort.  In seeking a true diagnosis, your are looking for someone in a position of authority to tell you that what you are living is not normal, a sort of vindication.

At Olyvia's place, a diagnosis is not required, if your life is somehow affected by someone you suspect is an UMP, that suffices.  It is my hope that we can find each other, understand each other, help each other, comfort each other and laugh together.

Here we go!

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