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Getting Started

The purpose of this endeavour is to give support to people who are dealing with UMPs. When life is more challenging than it should be or things do not make sense anymore, you may find solace here.

I have created a few sections which I believe are important. Firstly a “Dealing with the UMP” section. In this section, will be blog posts about various aspects of life with an UMP. There, you will find general posts about lied and deceit, manipulation and control, the isolation of the partner etc. The idea is not to be technical or scientific, the intent is to explain certain situations which I know to be common in order to give the reader an idea that someone understands and that they are not alone. Hopefully, people will find themselves in these posts and be comforted.

The second section is “Self Care” section. If you are like me and have dealt with an ongoing situation, you may have given up a large part of yourself. It is time to reclaim yourself. This is not to say that you should, in some way, stop all the caring and helpful things that you are currently doing and become angry and bitter. This is a corner for you to care for yourself as well as you are caring for others. Think of this as a weekly challenge section. There will be weekly posts in order to nudge you into self care.

The third section is a forum. This is an invitation for you to participate. It is my belief that we can have a great laugh in this section. If your stories are anything like mine, they are really out there sometimes. Hopefully this section will bring people together and start a conversation in a safe and understanding environment.

As a warning, I must advise that many of the subjects that I am planning to broach are very near and dear to me. Many of them have affected me personally and I have a lot of charge associated with them. This will surely come out in my posts. Feel free to disagree. I ask that you do it kindly.

As a disclaimer, I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist or in any way qualified to give professional advice. I am a person who has something to say and something to share. Consider me a bartender of the web. Someone who has heard a lot, seen a lots and experienced a lot.

Are you sitting comfortably….then we'll begin!!!

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